Dispensary Calls Police After Robbery, Staff Arrested Instead

After staff at Surrey’s WeeMedical dispensary called police about a robbery at the shop, they found themselves under arrest.

WeeMedical employee Nicholas Thompson said after the shop had merchandise stolen by a man using a can of mace police called him back after he made a statement and told him he was under arrest for trafficking.

Thompson then said police raided the store and seized all cannabis on site.

The city said the dispensary is in violation of bylaws controlling the sale of controlled substances.

The shop is now directing patients to go to its Delta location, which has also received notification from local bylaw officers that a court order has been created to shut down that location, as well.

“It’s not very settling knowing that we call the police for help and we become the criminals,” Thompson said. “What if we get robbed again or word gets out to other dispensaries and they get robbed. Are they going to call the police? No.”