Niagara Police Shut Down Unlicensed Dispensary And Warn Public Not To Sell

The cannabis scene all over Canada is heating up lately on many fronts. Local governments are trying hard to enforce existing federal laws on cannabis while simultaneously the number of dispensaries popping up is rapidly increasing. The Niagara Falls area is home to a dispensary which was just recently shut down.

Niagara Regional Police have busted a cannabis dispensary for operating without a license. Information was received about this dispensary on Queen St, which led police to investigate and eventually raid and shut down the shop. One arrest was made, 29-year-old Jason Allen, is facing two charges of trafficking and one charge of possession of proceeds of a crime. The police seized over $2000 in cash and roughly $11,000 worth of cannabis.

After the dispensary was shut down, the police issued a statement to the public, telling them that it is illegal to sell cannabis unless they are a regulated, licensed producer. The entire cannabis community around the country is in an awkward position due to legalization being promised while at the same time dispensaries are popping up rapidly and some are being shut down or fined. We will continue to follow the developments in all of these areas as legalization is still looming.