Port Alberni Issues First Business License to Dispensary

WeeMedical has become the first dispensary to be issued a business license in Port Alberni.

The license comes after the operation was originally ordered to close in fall of 2015, with city council reversing their decision and moving to allow medical dispensaries to apply for licenses, later in 2016.

Port Alberni city planner Scott Smith said the move to begin licensing the operations was in response to several opening up in the town. The city’s regulations stipulate that dispensaries can’t be near schools and must be at least 1000 metres from another dispensary.

Smith said the choice to approve the dispensaries remains controversial in the town and, with only one dispensary approved, others still face fines until more applications are approved.

Trevor Bertrand from the Port Alberni Cannabis Club said he hoped his business is the next to recive approval from the city.

“I’m in jeopardy of the city of Port Alberni fining me on a daily basis, I do believe it is 150 dollars a day but bylaw has better things to do than come write tickets to me and or the three other operating dispensaries against city’s bylaws,” said Bertrand.