Dispensary Adds Location In New Brunswick

A medical cannabis dispensary in Nova Scotia has opened a new location in New Brunswick, and it’s legality is being debated.

The Tasty Budd’s dispensary is owned by Malachy McMeekin, who already had four locations in Nova Scotia, and he says that increased customer demand is what led him to opening the new location. His customers living in New Brunswick were making the drive to Nova Scotia in order to find the medicine they need. McMeekin says that “It just shows the clear demand for it. With us they get to come in and touch feel and smell [the product] and know exactly what they are getting.”

The new dispensary is located in the town of Riverview, and according to spokesperson for the town, Meghan Walsch, they only learned of this new business recently. The town had no official comments on the matter though. They will soon begin working with the RCMP to determine the legality of the business within the town’s bylaws.

One medical patient from Moncton, Murielle Berubé, says that she prefers the retail experience instead of ordering her cannabis online, and she uses it to treat her medical issues. “It helps me with many symptoms with my chronic pain, my PTSD, my fibromyalgia, my anxiety,” she says.

It’s possible that the town could move to shut down this dispensary, and we will be covering any developments that happen in this area.