Do Covid shots affect menstruation, shedding, and are there remedies?

This is one of those stories that requires a little ‘sit down talk’. We hear stories of male doctors not performing so well with a lady’s clinical needs – and here is a male science communicator about to draw hypothetical conclusions on how the Covid vaccine affects the maternal-fetal interface and causes irregular menstruation. There have been a lot of alarming stories about women’s fertility and monthly cycles and the vaccine. (1, 2)

Why is this so much more than menstruation?

Many stories about the vaccine and menstrual cycles may seem out of place or fabricated. But, should we not attempt to prove or cancel out possibilities in case these symptoms are real? There are valid connections between Covid vaccines and irregular menstruation, so is it not best to figure out any potential remedies? After all, unofficial reports indicate that heavy or paused menstrual cycles may be a symptom of vaccine shedding rather than first-hand doses of the jab.

Some women are at an age where bearing a child is a race against the clock of life. For others, that clock’s ticking hand is the driving force towards maturation and motherhood. So, is it fair to forcibly alter the balance of anyone’s maternal-fetal interface?

Covid-19 has been serious and deadly but is it not a serious sacrifice for such a large group of women to unknowingly pluck their estradiol-anandamide pendulums? (3)

“You’re just emotional because you’re on your rag!” a random male shouts in an attempt to justify his personal confirmation bias.

No period but not pregnant?

A female friend once told me she cannot digest carrots or wheat and hadn’t had her period in eight months after a period of stress in her life rather than pregnancy. Due to my own experience in the realm of endocannabology, my brain immediately drew parallels to her pancreas and HPA health. Keep in mind that her period stopped before Covid-19 hit her hometown, so her irregular menstruation was not caused by the vaccine or Covid-19.

“Hypochondriac!”, an old-fashioned male physician cries. (4)

What is Amonerhea?

Unknown to her at the time, the condition my friend was likely experiencing is known as Amenorrhea, which is an interim pause in the menstrual cycle. (5) It is not a disease or sign of infertility, but it is the sign of another underlying problem. In this case, that problem is still not entirely known, but there a few key factors as well as other symptoms.

But, before we get to her upset hormone balance, let’s figure out how carrot and gluten sensitivity, period blood, Sars-Cov2, and Covid vaccines have any connections to each other.

According to empiriological data, the Covid vaccine affects the menstruation cycle
The peak of the uterine cycle is far more than a time of emotional intensity. And, it lasts for more than the duration of the menstrual cycle alone.

How do vaginas bleed?

The uterus, or womb we were all cradled within as a fetus, sheds during the monthly menstrual cycle. This shedding leads to a lot, or a little bit, of blood depending on many factors and each individual. The menstrual cycle is triggered by the release of an egg which reduces the levels of sex hormones. (6) Withdrawal from the hormone, progesterone, causes a complex process that involves several different enzymes which help shed the uterus. One group of enzymes is known as lysosomal enzymes. (7, 8) These enzymes are produced by our bodies to help us break down larger molecules, like gluten, the fibres in carrots, and the uterus’s thick wall. (9, 10)

Is Covid related to menstruation?

Specific enzymes are affected by Covid-19 or involved in the viral disease, such as serine (11) and G6PD. (12) Importantly as well, coronaviruses like Sars-Cov2 hijack (deacidify) lysosomal enzymes to exit cells according to groundbreaking research published in Cell. (7) And, the menstrual cycle, or at least the shedding of the uterus, is largely dependent on lysosomal enzymes. (8, 9) Beyond this, the formation of different steroids, tied to the synthesis of hormones, is largely dependent on varying enzymes as well. (6) Therefore, the link between enzymatic and menstrual irregularities is multifaceted.

So, enzyme deficits should be investigated as a possible connection to the jab, Covid-19, and increased menstrual cycles since they all involve or affect a likewise set of enzymes. Fortunately, Covid-19 itself and does not present a known or well-established risk to childbearing women and newborns. (13)

Are there any remedies?

The menstrual cycle and the female reproductive system are largely regulated by the endocannabinoid system (ECS), (3, 14) at least far more than a male’s. Cannabis and the associated biological system that responds to the compounds in cannabis can help with many vaginal and uterine symptoms. So, is the ECS a target for Sars-Cov2 or Covid vaccine-induced menstruation and other irregularities?

Not speaking definitively, ECS regulation will likely aid subsequent symptoms, but it is not the only answer to maternal and menstrual irregularities. Chocolate contains OEA, (15) a derivative of the endocannabinoid, anandamide, which is situated as the main pivot point in the estrogen pendulum with estradiol. (3) My friend who had an interim pause in menstruation is a major fan of dark chocolate. Just note the high saturated fat content alongside any potential allergies, and also remember you can always substitute dark chocolate with Macca root. (15)

What about vaccine shedding?

Unofficial reports of unvaccinated women have indicated that association with vaccinated people can cause menstrual irregularities.

Many unofficial reports exist that detail a connection between Covid vaccines and irregular menstruation
A screenshot taken off the VAERS database from May 19, 2021. The information presented within this image contains unofficial reports from individuals about their possible experience after recieving one of the available Covid jabs. Unfortunately, adverse reactions are always drastically under reported in the VAERS system. However, these reports are not officially confirmed, do not necessarily link the Covid vaccines to any reported symptom, and do not represent the opinions of the CDC. Photo courtesy of the CDC.

What do the trial studies say?

This is where some confusion has arisen. Individuals who participated in Pfizer’s trial studies at least contractually agreed not to engage in unprotected sex, or generally interact with unvaccinated persons in close quarters. (16) What this means is that we don’t know if a vaccinated man will affect an unvaccinated woman during unprotected sex. Simply put, those trial studies have not yet been conducted.

Moreover, there isn’t a definitive answer as to what is being shed. The purely synthetic mRNA bits delivered by the Moderna or BionTech jabs will not have a chance of transmitting between persons. But, what about the mRNA bits that are being produced within people’s bodies by the DNA within the viral-vector jabs, such as AstraZeneca’s?

The vaccine versus the virus

An easy conclusion for this science communicator to make is that we still have far more to learn about Sars-Cov2 and the vaccines. Is it possible that the naked spike protein is more infectious and transmissible than we originally thought?

The vaccine, unfortunately, holds secrets that go well beyond the pharmacology of the known virus. We will dive deep beyond menstruation and talk more solemnly about the fate the Covid vaccine may hold on child-bearing mothers and their future babies via a bolstered T cell immunity. (18) It is within this immune function that the true cause of menstrual irregularities and birth defects may lie.


How vaccine-induced spike proteins enter and exit cells should be compared to the beta-coronavirus they are supposed to imitate. The beta-coronavirus’s deacidification of lysosomes is one connection to the menstrual cycle and potentially even blood clots. Yet, an even deeper connection exists between the Covid vaccine’s bolstered immunity, menstruation, and reproductive health.

If your nation has a system to file adverse reactions to the Covid vaccine, remember to send in a report if you do experience any menstrual irregularities after the jab. And, remember to follow CLN to learn if there is a connection between the Covid vaccine and birth defects.


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