Freedom Convoy 2022 Ottawa and across Canada

Tamara Lich and Chris Barber, the crowned “leaders” of the Freedom Convoy, begin their trial this week. The rationale is mischief, but the reality is that the Freedom Convoy is guilty of gaining traction despite not meeting the approval of our wise overlords.

Had the Freedom Convoy been about abortion rights or supporting anti-capitalist “green” policies, today’s situation would be very different.

Justin Trudeau would be taking selfies with Tamara Lich, calling her a modern-day post-national Canadian hero.

But alas, the Freedom Convoy stood against covid restrictions like lockdowns and domestic passports. And so, despite the number of women and visible minorities who were part of the movement, the corporate press refers to Freedom Convoy supporters as “racists” and “misogynists.”

Because the Freedom Convoy protested “public health” instead of supporting Black Lives Matter, the Trudeau government invoked the Emergencies Act.

This leaves many of Canada’s cannabis connoisseurs wondering: Are we next?

It’s no secret the public health establishment loathes cannabis, especially “unregulated” and “illicit” cannabis. In many places, 4/20 protests have morphed into farmer’s markets.

The trial of Tamara Lich and Chris Barber (and the corporate press narrative of the Freedom Convoy) are the canaries in the coal mine. 

For example, the Canadian government legalized cannabis in 2018. You can buy it in a store like you would alcohol. Therefore, the annual 4/20 farmer’s market is an illegal occupation involving trafficking.

But is this a far-fetched comparison or a glimpse of things to come?

Reality vs. Propaganda

Freedom Convoy Trial (And Cannabis Lessons)

The Freedom Convoy involved a lot of people. While Tamara Lich is the media’s scapegoat, the demonstration was only successful with everyone’s involvement.

From regular Joe’s opposed to anti-liberal “public health” restrictions to the more eccentric type that believes Justin Trudeau is taking orders from lizard people living inside a hollow moon.

What the Freedom Convoy wasn’t was an insurrection. It wasn’t even violent. Left-wing climate protests get more violent than what went down in Ottawa in early 2022.

During the public inquiry, we learned that both the Ontario Provincial Police and the Canadian Security Intelligence Service did not believe the Convoy was a threat to national security or that it posed a threat.

But to have suggested this when the demonstration was happening was akin to “carrying water for fascists.”

Like left-wing anti-capitalist protests, the Freedom Convoy suffered from internal politics and incoherent messaging.

Justin Trudeau’s Liberals wanted the Convoy to be Canada’s version of January 6th. The problem, of course, is that the narrative of January 6th is blatant propaganda.

(In fact, if you think January 6th was a big deal, but you know little to nothing about the “Twitter Files,” then you are the one spreading misinformation).

Regardless, the decision to invoke the Emergencies Act, according to Justin Trudeau, was not because the Freedom Convoy was violent (they weren’t) but because they could become violent.

Justin revoked people’s civil liberties based on the possibility of a threat. And the legacy media let him get away with it. Now they’re protecting him again with their biased coverage of the Freedom Convoy trial.

Something to keep in mind next time some corporate “journalist” decries a populist politician’s “attack on the free press.” 

It’s not the free press. It’s the corporate press. And they are the enemy of the people.

Freedom Convoy Trial

Freedom Convoy Trial

Tamara Lich and Chris Barber are going to trial based on the alleged crimes of mischief, obstructing police, and intimidation. They could face up to a decade in prison.

Their alleged crimes resulted from the incompetency of police and the city of Ottawa to deal with a protest they knew was coming and should have prepared for.

The protestors announced their plans on social media: cause gridlock in Ottawa until governments across the country lifted their covid restrictions. 

Which is precisely what happened.

If the Freedom Convoy had been united with the intent to overthrow the Canadian state violently, they likely would have succeeded.

The lesson from the Freedom Convoy is just how incompetent the Canadian government is. It was a private citizen – not the government or police – that was able to get an injunction so the truckers wouldn’t blast their horns during all hours of the night.

The trials of Tamara Lich and Chris Barber are political show trials. This would be like if the Canadian state started tracking down and arresting cannabis connoisseurs who openly smoked and protested prohibition before legalization in 2018.

The Freedom Convoy trial isn’t about justice.

Just ask the Coutts Four, who have been denied bail and sit in solitary confinement.

The Coutts Four

The Coutts Four

While the Freedom Convoy was going in Ottawa, a similar protest occurred in Coutts, Alberta. Eventually, police arrested four men with “Conspiracy to commit murder” of RCMP officials.

The Coutts Four have been convicted of nothing. They are political prisoners. The Freedom Convoy trial is a show trial.

And there’s good reason for it.

Canada publishes annual reports, some of which include the leading cause of death in the country. For 2021, the leading cause in Alberta was “unknown.”

There is also an extensive list of young athletes developing heart and respiratory problems. 

“There are now higher rates of young people with no obvious cardiac histories who are going to the emergency room with heart attacks,” says Deepak Cyril D’Souza, MD, Albert E Kent Professor of Psychiatry at Yale School of Medicine.

But D’Souza isn’t blaming the covid vaccines, which are “safe and effective.”

No, the reason for heart problems among the youth is cannabis. 

“The marijuana and cannabis products that your grandparents may have used are very different from what’s out there now,” says D’Souza.

Associating the Freedom Convoy with racism, terrorism, sexism, or whatever, was more than Justin Trudeau trying to save his own ass.

There is an anti-human agenda that the Freedom Convoy opposes. It goes beyond protesting restrictions. It’s why Lich, Barber, and the Coutts Four need to be made an example of.

But more of us are waking up to the absolute corruption and depravity of the status quo. 

We know why there are young people with cardiovascular problems. And we know cannabis has nothing to do with it.