What if we treated cannabis protests like the Freedom Convoy? It’s not out of the realm of possibility. Canada legalized recreational cannabis in 2018. Despite enormous problems with the regime, most people seem content with their irradiated, legal corporate weed.

But what if Canada hadn’t legalized it? What if Justin’s Liberals broke that promise soon after coming to power as they did with electoral reform? Undoubtedly, the 4/20 protest the following year would have had an aggressive tone to it. Now, imagine if, on 4/21, protestors refused to leave. And then the same the next day, and the next day.

Next thing you know, it’s been three weeks, and the 4/20 protest is as strong as ever. Even people who don’t smoke cannabis are out to show their support. The Liberals promised to legalize, so the protestors won’t leave until that happens. After all, cannabis connoisseurs came out of the woodworks to elect Liberal MPs.

Their feeling of betrayal would be as natural as the truckers who were once called “heroes.”

Cannabis Protests & the Freedom Convoy 

Cannabis Protest Freedom Convoy

Suppose the local Vancouver establishment, already weary of the 4/20 protest, demands the police shut it down. And so, over three days, Vancouver police deploy a record amount of pepper spray and stun grenades, arrest 200 people, and file nearly 400 charges against 100 of them. Oh, and charge key organizers with “mischief.”

Meanwhile, the RCMP would be ordering a freeze on over 200 bank accounts (including corporate accounts managing the millions in donations). The RCMP would also flag nearly 300 Bitcoin addresses, putting pressure on local crypto exchanges from transacting with these accounts.

The most egregious example of abuse of power would come from the federal government. The Vancouver police would ask for more tools to help disperse the 4/20 crowd. But the federal government would respond with the Emergencies Act.

As one columnist put it, it would be like asking Justin Trudeau to help plug a leak in the bathroom. And then Justin responds by nationalizing Canadian Tire.

Suddenly, Canadians engaging in their right to peaceful assembly would be labelled enemies of the people. Relentless propaganda from the corporate press would turn Canadians against the cannabis protestors.

And it would be easy.

4/20 is the globally recognized day for cannabis consumers. It is also Adolf Hitler’s birthday.

50% of Vancouverites are of European descent. A vast majority of Canadians’ ancestry is from Europe. From past experiences, it’s safe to assume a good chunk of the 4/20 cannabis protests consists of people with fair or “white” skin. Ignore every visible minority and call the protest a symptom of white supremacy and white privilege.

Denied Bail

Suppose, in our cannabis protest hypothetical, one of the 4/20 organizers charged with mischief was arrested and denied bail. Suppose the judge denying the bail was a former Liberal candidate for Parliament. The judge probably should have recused themselves, no?

That happened to Tamara Lich, one of the Freedom Convoy’s loudest proponents. It would be unfair to call these people the leaders or organizers, as there were plenty of egos vying for the media spotlight. Lich started the infamous GoFundMe account, which served propaganda interests to find the most right-wing supporters and expose them as loons.

That’s why the corporate press focused on that one guy with the Confederate flag. And that’s why no one could locate the man who brought a swastika flag (despite a cash reward for any information that would lead to identification). The only time he was ever seen was when CBC was interviewing someone, and he was in the background.

Imagine something similar happening with cannabis protests? Imagine some talking head on CBC saying with a straight face: “THC is code for The Hitler Class. Cannabis higher in THC will turn you into a white supremacist even faster. That’s why the racists are always looking for high-THC cannabis.”

Insane? Considering that the media calls the OK symbol hate speech (the results of a prank by 4chan), the above scenario isn’t out of the realm of possibility.

How Easily Cannabis Protestors Could Become the Freedom Convoy 

With legal cannabis and the 4/20 protest lasting one day, it’s unlikely cannabis protesters will see the same fate as the Freedom Convoy. But the possibility is there. Look at how quickly the Freedom Convoy went from overwhelming support to national condemnation.

It’s mind-boggling, but many people still trust the corporate press. But that trust is eroding. And with eroding trust, governments cannot turn entire groups of people into political scapegoats.

If there’s one lesson to be learned from cannabis protests like 4/20 or the Freedom Convoy, it’s time to stop trusting the corporate press. The “mainstream media” are not mainstream and do not give unbiased accounts of the facts. They have an agenda, and, often, it’s to protect the system at your expense.