Vancouver 420 2017

Expert Joints LIVE! at Sunset Beach Vancouver 420 2017

Check out the celebrations for Vancouver 420 2017!

It’s been nearly half a century since a group of California teenagers met after school each day at 4:20 pm to go search in vain for an abandoned crop of weed in Point Reyes National Seashore. The term 4/20 has gone on to become shorthand in cannabis culture and the twentieth day of the fourth month of the year is now celebrated around the world at 4:20pm.

Vancouver was one of the first cities to embrace the annual grassroots smoke-out after Marc Emery first got the ball rolling in 1995 at Victory Square, right across the street from his Cannabis Culture HQ. As it grew over the years, Victory Square wasn’t big enough to handle it anymore, which inspired the move to the Vancouver Art Gallery. But in 2016, it moved again to Sunset Beach. Which brings us now to 2017, and this year’s upcoming event promises to be massive as ever!

The Vancouver 420 2017 gathering is once again planned at Sunset Beach, where the event moved after outgrowing its traditional home outside the Vancouver Art Gallery downtown.

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This week, Craig and Jen bring you a special episode from the Vancouver 420 2017 festivities at Sunset Beach!

If you’re feeling nostalgic, be sure to check out last year’s Vancouver 420 celebration for the good memories which is notable for being the first one held at Sunset Beach.