Expert Joints to broadcast from Weedmaps HQ

The next episode of Expert Joints Live! won’t exactly put a California tech startup on the map.

Seeing as how they already attract roughly two million visitors a month and have reported annual earnings of nearly $40 million.

Weedmaps offers Yelp-style reviews and a Google Maps mashup to help users find cannabis storefronts, doctors and deals, and Pot TV host Craig Ex will be livestreaming the next episode from the company’s Orange County headquarters Jan. 26 instead of the show’s usual broadcast booth inside the Cannabis Culture complex in Vancouver.

It’s always cool to do a live show out at a special location,” Craig said shortly before boarding a flight heading south. “I’ve had guests from Weedmaps on the show before but this is a neat opportunity to go down the States and do it with a big company at their head office who I’ve gotten along with well. As Cannabis Culture, our franchisees are obviously big users of Weedmap’s platform. They’ve been really working to offer greater access to more people internationally and they are excited as the climate changes around cannabis to be able to help more people access it by using their service.”

Weedmaps is widely considered the main online medical cannabis site catering to the entire industry. It’s the most widely used and downloaded medical marijuana mobile application in both Google and Apple’s app stores, and their website also includes a forum, private messaging function, a job board, and Q&A from fellow patients.

Since you’re reading this on the internet and have made it this far in a story about pot, you’ve probably heard of them.

While big guns such as outspoken 32-year-old co-founder Justin Hartfield or new CEO Doug Francis aren’t expected to be there, Craig will be chatting with a variety of Weedmaps staffers to find out what’s new, including getting the lowdown on the new Action Sports initiative.

Tune in this Thursday starting at, as always. 4:20 pm PST.