Flix Anonymous Giving Away Free Tickets To Advance Screenings In Vancouver

flix anon gift demolition test 1

Flix Anonymous is giving away tickets for next week’s (Vancouver, BC only) advance screenings of “Hardcore Henry” (5 passes) and “Demolition” (3 passes) for Wednesday night.

To win, share or retweet the Apr. 1 episode of Flix Anonymous including the @FlixAnon address, along with the hashtags #StonerPicks #CouchLock and the movie title you wish to see.

Copy and paste the following tweet to enter:

Win Tickets with @FlixAnon and @CannabisInCan #StonerPicks #CouchLock https://cannabislifenetwork.com/flix-anonymous-episode-22/

Don’t miss your chance for free tickets to these brand new films!