Flix Anonymous Premieres on Cannabis in Canada

Look for the latest movie reviews and news with the launch of Flix Anonymous, a weekly video segment and the newest addition to the Cannabis in Canada network, premiering this Friday.

Flix Anonymous, featuring Trevor Dueck and Steve Stebbing, started as a weekly podcast in 2015 before making the move to video.

Dueck said the partnership with Cannabis in Canada fell into place nicely.

“It’s a good fit because Steve and I both enjoy cannabis and we love chatting about film,” Dueck said. “It’s the perfect marriage of doobies and celluloid.”

The pair will broadcast each week, covering the latest films in wide and limited release along with letting viewers know what’s coming out on Netflix and video-on-demand.

“We also add our stoner picks to the proceedings and I try and pair it with a certain strain of weed,” said Dueck. “We try and have fun with it.”

Stebbing, who Dueck described as a Jedi level of film nerd, said he’s been a podcasting for the past four years and has spent the last year as an accredited film critic.

“When I got into the whole podcast thing, I never really saw myself getting into the whole video thing but now it’s like an interesting new extra challenge,” Stebbing said “Trevor and I will have differing opinions on a lot of them, because we’re not the exact same movie minds.

“Trevor does like to push my buttons, which sometimes is pretty fun.”

Dueck, who also reviews movies professionally for Vancitybuzz, said the pair met at a screening and discovered they shared a passion for film.

“We both have similar tastes in movies, although I do like to make fun of him when the pretentious movie snob rears it’s ugly head,” Dueck said. “But for the most part we usually agree, which should give people some faith in that we know what we’re talking about. However, it’s far more fun when we don’t.”

The pair promise viewers a fun, casual show that features two friends chatting about something they love.

“If you’re into movies you’re going to get the opinion from two guys who are really passionate about movies,” said Stebbing.
“We are not pretentious critics, or at least we don’t try to be, but everyone has an opinion – we’re just lucky we can have a platform where we can express ours,” Dueck said.

Dueck said he’s excited about partnering with Cannabis in Canada and looks forward to growing the show to a new audience.

“Movies and weed go hand-in-hand, and so it was a no brainer to pair the two entities to create something fun and special,” he said. “I know we all have some big plans for this lil podcast, and both Steve and I are excited to see where this all goes.”
You can follow Flix Anonymous on twitter at @FlixAnon and the hosts at @TheStevilDead and @TrevDueck.