Budzilla Donates $1,000 to Assaulted Calgary Medical Patient

The story of Keith Gall, a cannabis patient with multiple sclerosis who was assaulted and robbed in his Calgary home last week, has received an outpouring of support from the cannabis community.

Along with messages from across the country, Gall has seen offers to replace his last plants and a fundraiser from Cannabis Growers of Canada to upgrade his security system.

The cannabis industry group hopes to raise $3,000 to make improvements to Gall’s home, including a security camera system that will hope to deter future attacks and provide the medical patient with at least a bit more ease of mind.

Rejean Houle, who operates Vancouver‘s Budzilla dispensary, has already come forward with a $1,000 that he he hopes will encourage others to help Gall recover.

“This is to show solidarity with dispensaries and patients across Canada, regardless of where they’re located, they should be treated with dignity and respect, especially knowing they’re part of our organization,” said Houle.

Houle said the assault was “despicable” and “absolutely unreasonable,” and that he made the donation to pay forward those who helped him out in a similar situation.

“I know that after we got raided in 2014, some people came to our rescue and it’s probably one of the only reasons that we’re still in business today, because people believed in us, and I want to reconvey that feeling as much as possible,” said Houle.

The dispensary owner encouraged others reading Gall’s story to donate, as well.

“You could just as easily be him,” Houle said. “It doesn’t’ matter where you live in Canada, we’re all in this together — our solidarity and our unity shows. So step up and show support.”

Houle hopes that Gall is able to go forward after the attack and know that those in the community support him.

“Keith, I’m sorry you have to go through this,” Houle said, in a message to Gall. “I’m sorry you can’t just be a medical patient with dignity and respect and, from across the country, we’re thinking about you and hoping we can give you your piece of mind back and make you feel a little bit better after all of this.”

The fundraiser can be found online, at Cannabis Growers of Canada website.