Top 5 Craft Cannabis Growers and Their Best Strains

Craft cannabis is a delicacy; although, it is often difficult to find growers that produce quality weed. Well, look no further because here are our top 5 picks of craft cannabis growers who have mastered the art of cultivating exquisite weed that will knock your socks off. 

What is craft cannabis?

The term craft cannabis has been diluted in recent years. Technically, it should refer to cannabis that is grown in small-batches using cutting edge cultivation techniques. This produces an exceptional flower that is considered boutique by comparison to most other cannabis. These next 5 growers cultivate some of the best quality weed you can find in Canada.


One of the most hype brands in Canadian craft cannabis is Space Bros. With cutting edge medical facilities, Space Bros breeds and pheno-hunts thousands of strains a year, selecting only the top handful to provide the highest quality products. These AAAA nugs are organically grown with strong terps and a clean burn. Not only do they have outstanding weed, but they also have one of the most sought after brands in the market with a lot of hype surrounding their new launch. 

Space Bros Craft Cannabis Growers
Space Bros packaging – Photo from @matchstickmarijuanaa

Space Bros will be launching its in-house branded strains this summer. However, I was lucky enough to try out some of their pre-launch cultivars. El Chapo, Dallas Bentley OG, and Pink Grizzly all have authentic gassy terps for all you fuel lovers out there. Although a little small in bud size since they’re fully organically grown, these nugs are coated in trichomes and have strong flavours. Not to mention they pull smooth and burn clean.

Space Bros Products
@spacebroscanada’s fun and funky feed

Follow their Instagram @spacebroscanada and check out their cool merch available on their website

Sacred Gardens Craft Series

Another remarkable grower is Sacred Gardens Craft Exotic Cannabis. Based on Vancouver Island, Sacred Gardens pheno-hunts for strains with unique terpene profiles and exotic flavours cultivated using micro-cultivation methodology. Their weed is representative of what true Canadian craft cannabis actually is. Sacred Gardens Craft strains have high THC content and impeccable quality control including batch ID, date Harvested, and date packed as labelled on every package. 

Sacred Gardens Craft Cannabis Grower
Sacred Gardens packaging – Photo from @sacred_craft_series

Some of my personal favourite strains from Sacred Gardens are Rainbow Driver, Wedding Crasher, and Dosie-Pie. These strains have exceptional terpene profiles that are sweet with a bit of spiciness to them. These glistening nugs are packaged in resealable bags that come with a 2-way humidity pack to keep the weed at optimal freshness. 

Sacred Garden Products

You can find their products on or follow them on instagram @sacred_craft_series for more information on all the strains they grow and other products. 

Unlicensed Producer

Unlicensed Producer, based in Manitoba, has a long history in growing and is known to be one of the top growers in Canada. Unlicensed Producer is infamous for growing top quality strains that have spot-on terpene profiles and are covered in trichomes. These beautiful nugs are hard to find and one of the most exclusive drops on the market. 

Ghost DRops Craft Cannabis Growers
Bud pics from @unlicensedproducer

Some of their top strains include First Class Funk, Banana Punch, and the renowned Gorilla Glue 4. You can rely on Unlicensed Producer to bring out the strongest and most accurate terpene profiles for these strains. Unlicensed Producer’s version of Gorilla Glue 4 has the truest and closest terpene profile to the original G.G.4 strain. 

Ghost Drop Products
Ghost Drop jars – Photo by @matchstickmarijuana

Unlicensed Producer does exclusive, small-batch releases through Ghost Drops at which almost always sell out immediately. But be prepared to drop some bank because this luxury weed is quite pricey.

Gastown Craft Cannabis

Gastown Craft Cannabis is a full-service producer of in-house cultivation and extraction. They have deep roots in the BC cannabis scene and are known for their consistency, variety, and branding. The team is well recognized as some of the leading professionals in craft cannabis, producing beautiful nugs packaged in their iconic gas cans. 

Gastown Craft Cannabis
Pink Gas in a Gas Can – Photo from WeedMaps

Some of my personal favourites are Pink Gas and Pine Tar which has gassy and piney terps and are heavy hitters with strong sedative effects. Then there’s the bright and citrusy mimosa with uplighting effects and one of the most pleasant smelling orangey terp profiles I’ve smelled. The quality of every batch is consistent and reliable so you can expect great weed for every order.

Gastown Products
Photo by @Gastown_collective

You can check out their weed on their Instagram @GastownFire. They also have a line of apparel on their website

Prohibition Farms

And to end it with a banger, Prohibition Farms is a Manitoba-based grower and retailer of some of Canada’s cleanest cannabis. The flower is grown with care and attention without any pesticides, PGR, or sprays, producing clean, sticky, and potent buds on par with some of the finest cannabis in California. What is notable about Prohibition Farms’ weed is that they are PGR-free. PGR is a growth chemical used by some growers that act as plant steroids which you want to avoid smoking. Prohibition Farms’ Chief Cultivator produces incredible looking buds au naturel without using chemical enhancers like PGR. Because of that, their weed is some of the cleanest burning on the market with ash as white as snow.

Prohibition Cultivation
You know you’re weed is clean when your ash looks like coke…

One of their top strains is the Mac 1. Although there are many versions of the Mac 1 by different growers, Prohibition Farms’ version of Mac 1 stands out. This pheno was hunted from authentic Capulator seeds boasting a very unique terpene profile for this strain. Instead of the usual citrusy terpenes on typical Mac 1s, the Prohibition Farms’ version has meaty and savoury terps. Another top strain would have to be their LA Kush Cake. I speak from personal experience– this Indica dominant hybrid strain will lay you out. They also do exclusive in-house drops including French Toast, Milkbone, and one of my personal favourites– That’s What She Said (dropping soon).

Prohibition Craft Cannabis
French Toast from @prohibition_cultivation

You can find more information about their strains on their Instagram @prohibition_farms and purchasing details on their website at Although due to COVID-19, they don’t have anything available on their website as of now that won’t be for long. 

Prohibition Farm
Prohibition Farms’ growing facilities – Photo from @prohibition_cultivation

Whether you’re a connoisseur or just looking for good weed, these top 5 craft cannabis growers are definitely must-tries. Their craft cannabis strains have some of the most exquisite terpene profiles that taste good and burn clean. Smoking boutique weed is an indulgence; once you go craft, you can never go back.

Which of these craft cannabis growers have you tried from? Let us know in the comments! If none, then you know what to do now. Follow us @cannalifenet for more info about the best weed.