How to use cannabis suppositories for effective cannabis delivery

When you know how to use cannabis suppositories, you can facilitate effective cannabis delivery. However, most people get really uncomfortable with the whole idea, even though there are so many benefits. This is simply because taboo topics such as weed in the butt, don’t often get brought up. This is highly unfortunate. For some medical patients, the key to a better quality of life might only be a suppository away. With that in mind, here is the information you need to make an informed decision. 

Why are cannabis suppositories so effective?

cannabis suppositories

Why would anyone want to put weed in their butt? The answer is bioavailability. The lining of our colon is a direct line to our bloodstream. We absorb the maximum amount of cannabinoids possible because this method of delivery leaves them intact. In other words, we don’t have to digest or smoke anything, in order to get those molecules into our system. Because we put them there manually, the molecules are not degraded by stomach acid or fire. 

Who should consider using cannabis suppositories?

If you have any kind of health condition that can benefit from using cannabis, you owe it to yourself to consider suppositories. Imagine how your health could improve if you could introduce high doses of THC and CBD, straight into your system? For those who are dealing with critical illnesses, using suppositories makes all the difference. Suppositories can be a life-changing solution for those who suffer from the following:

Using suppositories for cannabis delivery
  • Digestive issues – Cannabis is an amazing remedy for all sorts of digestive issues. For those who don’t want to smoke it and struggle to eat in the first place, suppositories provide another method of absorption. 
  • Nausea and vomiting – Suppositories can relieve a great deal of suffering when you are too sick to hold down any anti-nauseant. 
  • Surgery – Fasting is a safety essential for many surgical procedures; making it tough to take something as small as a cannabis capsule. Suppositories are often ok to ingest, straight out of the operating room. 
  • High dose – If you need a high cannabinoid routine or are treating a serious illness, this is one way of achieving high dose ingestion at a comfortable, consistent level. 

Before using suppositories

Steps before using
  • Keep suppositories in the fridge or freezer until you want to use them
  • Remove the suppository from the package before insertion
  • If you are concerned about the size of the suppository or want to decrease the dose, cut the suppository in half lengthwise – wrap remaining half in parchment paper and store in the fridge or freezer
  • First-time users should try suppositories at home, where they can be near a toilet if needed. 
  • The best time of the day for experimenting is the evening. In most cases it will lead to a good night’s sleep, avoiding discomfort and maximizing results.

Placement matters

Suppository absorption changes depending on where the placement is in the colon and that is because of two major rectal veins. Higher up, the superior rectal vein connects to the liver. The inferior rectal vein is closer to the anal sphincter and, will bypass it. When THC is metabolized by the liver, it produces a psychoactive effect, or high. Without this process, THC will still circulate within your system but you won’t get stoned from it. For a cancer patient needing high doses of cannabinoids, suppositories can be life-saving; especially if that person is not comfortable using cannabis. 

Placement of cannabis suppositories

So, if you are using cannabis suppositories and want to avoid getting stoned, stay low. The higher you go, the higher you get.


  • Lie on your side or starting on all fours, lower your chest to the ground and raise your butt in the air
  • Use a small amount of coconut oil to lubricate your fingers 
  • If the suppository starts to melt, run it under cold water until it hardens again
  • Insert the suppository in your rectum 
  • Lie on your side or back for 5-10 minutes or until you feel comfortable


Most people find that using suppositories is a much more comfortable experience than they had initially expected, and that’s because what you put there is mainly absorbed. A lot of women can relate the experience to using tampons in the sense that when it’s in the right place, you don’t really notice it anymore. However, take note, suppositories melt.

  • Be aware that seepage is possible, especially during flatulence
  • In most cases, effects are noticed within 15-25 minutes. So, if you used a THC suppository and pushed it up a bit far, you will know pretty quickly.
  • Depending on the person, their health, and the situation, it is possible to use more than one suppository throughout the day.
  • Once you get to know how your body responds, suppositories can be added to your daytime routine. 

When you first think about rectally ingesting cannabis, it sounds ridiculous. But, give it a moment and it starts to make sense; plus, biology will back it up. Cannabis Suppositories are a potent cannabis delivery method and for some people, it’s what is needed to save their life.