Flix Anonymous – ‘The Lobster’ And More Of The Latest Movies

Last week, Flix Anonymous put out their top movie picks, taking a look at the latest Hollywood has to offer. Episode 21 was the first to be featured on video with the help of CinC. One of the films is “The Lobster” which Trevor Dueck describes as “disturbingly weird.”

The film, starring Colin Farrell and Rachel Weisz, was reviewed and featured by@FlixAnon & @CannabisInCanada own @TrevDueck on his Vancity Buzz article. “The Lobster is a hilariously haunting and surreal parable that will make some people think and others just scratch their head in confusion, or maybe a little of both,” commented Trevor in the review.

Check out the full episode 21 of Flix Anonymous at this link, and be sure to watch for weekly reviews from the guys. Subscribe to the CinC youtube channel found here.