Video Interview With Owners of Raided S&M Sweet Shoppe

A Sunshine Coast couple charged with trafficking in relation to their S&M Sweet Shoppe cannabis edibles business will be back and forth in court over the next several months, hoping that charges against them are thrown out.

Michelle and Doug Sikora will plead not guilty when they go to court tomorrow, but said they have had difficulty as they try and fight the charges against them.

“Tomorrow we’ll find out because, the judge, with the evidence and everything we’re presenting, might throw the whole damn thing out,” Doug said.

After being ordered by a judge to have their fingerprints taken by authorities, Doug said the couple were told by authorities that the machine wasn’t operating.

“All you have to do is turn it on and scan fingerprints,” Sikora said.  “It’s another delay tactic, is what it seems like — I don’t think they’re going to charge [us].”

He said that he received word this morning of a similar case where a raided dispensary owner was charged but, when they came to get their fingerprints recorded, were also turned away.

“They said ‘go away, we don’t want to do your fingerprints and if the prosecutor doesn’t want to charge you by Apr. 6, then otherwise you’re not charged,” Sikora said. “Another dispensary got raided and busted for no reason and wasted taxpayers’ money, again.”

Doug said the couple are beginning to file misconduct charges against the local RCMP (as well as the district) for how they’ve handled the case, claiming that they harassed the Sikoras, with advice and direction from Cannabis Growers of Canada, an advocacy group S&M Sweet Shoppe recently joined.

“Me and my wife are very active and we will not sit down on this one,” he said.

The couple will also be back in court in April to deal with a related issue of a neighbour, who they say has cameras pointed at their property. To provide themselves privacy, the Sikoras put a large tarp up to block being monitored but a compliant from a different neighbour has landed them an order to remove it.

“The district came to us last week with an order that said we have 30 days to take it down or we’re going to get fined,” he said.

Doug said, under municipal regulations, the couple are entitled to a delegation before the city where they plan to present a list of evidence that they say proves they’ve been misled and harassed unfairly by police and other officials.

“April 6, we’re going in front of council and the mayor and we’re laying it all on the table,” Doug said. “We have all the proof and we’re putting it all on the table for the cops the RCMP, the district, everybody.”

Doug said the last time the couple attended a public hearing, six months ago to discuss obtaining a business license, it was the largest meeting the town had ever had with 150 in attendance – he said this April meeting will surpass it.

S&M Sweet Shoppe can be found at and @medtreats on twitter.