Updates on S&M Sweet Shoppe Litigation

The latest news from Michelle and Doug Sikora over their S&M Sweet Shoppe cannabis edibles saw the pair at the Sechelt courthouse this morning at 9:30am.

With the federal presectuor and RCMP in contempt of court for refusing to comply with an earlier order, the couple appeared before a judge today hoping for good news.

Doug Sikora said in July the court ordered police to return copies of journals seized from the couple that Sikora said they needed for their defence.

“The judge said the RCMP had two weeks to get copies of those four years of journals they had of mine and get the copies to me and my wife and get the originals to the crown so evidence couldn’t be tampered with,” Sikora said.

After 7 hours, the judge said it was out of his jurisdiction. Michelle Sikora was advised to file a complaint with the law society and the police complaints comissioner. The latter of which is already underway. An investigation has been ongoing since February.

The Sikora’s plan to file a complaint with the law society tomorrow.

A Charter Infringement hearing date will be set Septemebr 14th.

In April, Sechelt mayor Bruce Milne said Sunshine Coast RCMP shouldn’t focus on cannabis enforcement.

“I think there should be a note to the RCMP not in terms of their priorities, but what should not be a priority,” Milne said. “There are laws of the land that are currently under review and changing as we speak on the advice of the prime minister, and I would think that those laws as they affect adults in the community should not be a priority of the RCMP.”