Greenhouse In Grimsby Seeking Medical Cannabis License

 A Sobie Road greenhouse in Grimsby is looking for a medical cannabis license so that it can get into the legal pot business.

The owners of the establishment at 585 Sobie Rd. are looking to acquire a minor variance through the committee of adjustment, that would enable them to then apply for Health Canada so that they could begin to grow medical cannabis. The property in question has a long history of working with cannabis, as the greenhouse location was previously the location of a medical cannabis site that operated for Health Canada; before they revamped the rules regarding the growing of cannabis for medical purposes.

The director of the venue, Michael Seaman, says that the new rules allow for better tabs to be kept on the growers. Under the previous rules, individuals were able to seek permits to grow their own cannabis, but Health Canada has since moved to industrialize the process. However, the courts recently did uphold the Constitutional right of patients to legally grow their own cannabis, but whether or not that will be the case upheld in years to come is another matter. Thus far, the town hasn’t expressed any objections to the Sobie Rd. venue proposal. And as of Monday it had received at least 27 supporters. Following an adjustment meeting about the matter this week, there will be a 20-day window for appeals.