Highlights from the 1st Annual CannaFest

In this episode, Cannabis in Canada Founding Director Jason Wilcox brings you exclusive coverage of the 2014 CannaFest in Vancouver, British Columbia.

The event was hosted by The Howard Stern Show’s very own Shuli Egar and featured a special address from Jason. With live performances by Catalyst, Helix, Headpins, and PRISM, the event for BC Pain society was a resounding success.

CannaFest was created by Chuck Varabioff, Executive Director of the B.C. Pain Society, who tells Jason that the event is a celebration of cannabis culture meant to be enjoyed, but also a vehicle top mobilize communities to elect public officials who will put an end to cannabis prohibition.

Jason’s address was highlighted by his call to, “unite, fight, and stand down the sole proprietor take over so that Canada can have a true, free, and fair market,” which drew a resounding cheer from the crowd.

When asked about BC’s bud, Shuli Egar responded, “Oh my god, man. I’ve never experienced anything like it.”

That’s our bud, folks! See you at CannaFest next year!