How Prohibition has led to Shady and Toxic CBD Products

We live in a shady world where some people will do anything for a quick buck- even if that means poisoning other people to make that buck. That’s why it’s essential only to purchase CBD from trusted sources, especially because some companies use low CBD hemp oil and market it differently, making mislabeling a considerable concern in the emerging legal cannabis industry.

Anyone can put anything on a label, so making sure that your product has been lab tested from a reputable source has become imperative. If you choose to go directly by word of mouth you may be disappointed or worse, you could OD.

Overdose on CBD?!

“Is that even possible”, you ask?

It isn’t.

People don’t OD on CBD, they become ill from chemical additives they’re unaware of that are in the CBD products they purchased. Synthetic cannabinoids are showing up in CBD products in Texas and North Carolina already. This is a trend that will most likely get worse before it gets better.

Black Diamond CBD vape cartridges are one of the products at the center of this heinous act. A high school student overdosed on a vape cartridge purchased at a local smoke shop in Mooresville, North Carolina. The clerk that sold the product was arrested and charged with selling illegal drugs.

“Operation Three of a Kind” is Working on a Full House

Houston, Texas, found the same product and others in a collaborative project called Operation Three of a Kind. Raids were conducted as a result of lab tests confirming the presence of illegal drugs in CBD products. A total of 130 lbs. of product were confiscated from three locations during Operation Three of a Kind.

You can bet this is only the beginning of the raids for shops selling CBD. Undercover agents have most likely already visited stores and purchased these products if you’re selling them. It’s only a matter of time before they come for you like they did the clerk in Mooresville, NC.

Houston experienced a problem with similar products containing synthetic cannabinoids back in 2016. 16 people overdosed in one day at Hermann Park from synthetic cannabinoids in a product called “Kush.” It’s scary to think that these chemicals are showing up in CBD products. This shows why legalization and regulation are so important.

Some might call this synthetic cannabis, but it’s not. This crap is nothing like cannabis. It’s nothing more than chemicals sprayed onto an organic material. FUB-AMB and 5-Fluoro ADB are the banned chemicals present in the toxic CBD products confiscated by authorities.

Prohibition is The Real Killer

The real killer is prohibition. The domination of the few telling the many what they can and can’t do is the real culprit. Regulation has shown effectiveness in the places that have used this method. From alcohol and cannabis to other drugs, people are always going to seek out ways to intoxicate themselves.

Prohibition causes them to take to the dark alleys and shadows of the black market to do this. A market where anything goes, and nobody is held accountable for anything. Good people like to partake in recreational drugs too; it’s not just bad people.

Prohibition hurts good people. It tears apart lives and at times even kills. All in the name of what? A personal vendetta or quest set forth by a small group of the planet’s inhabitants. They aim to control the rest as if it were a game.

Look at places where alcohol is illegal like certain area in India. People throw together a Malakoff cocktail of poisons and call it booze. Even worse are the deaths as a result of ingesting this poison. One headline covering this topic read, “84 dead in India after drinking toxic homemade liquor.”

In 2018 we still live in a world where prohibition exists. While the world’s focus is significantly towards ending these wrongs on many levels, prohibition is still killing. It’s killing our planets oceans, forests, and other irreplaceable wonders. Our natural resources are being pillaged for profit. The planets fresh water supply is in peril.

But, the focus is always shifted away from these topics with some form of premeditated programming on the news. Prohibition in many ways is the real killer. It promotes a black market. It builds villains and tyrants to positions of power. We can stop it though. Will prohibition continue to win, or will it eventually go away like the draconian people who support it?


Article courtesy of Expert Joints. Written by JamesP from CannaLance (Canna-Lance.com, @CannaLance, @CannaLancer710)