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Is cannabis helping people to bring their sexy back? It is! And not only are couples smoking together before getting intimate they’re also bringing cannabis into the bedroom in many different ways. Including cannabis lube and cannabis-infused massage oil. Want to learn how to make your cannabis lube?

Most of the cannabis lubes on the market are relatively expensive, and many of them contain CBD only. While CBD can positively impact your sex life by reducing pain and increasing blood flow to the genitals, THC lube is a much more exhilarating experience. Why not make your own cannabis lube?

Making Cannabis Lube

Making cannabis lube is easier than you might think. 


  • 1 gram of your favourite cannabis distillate
  • 4 oz of coconut oil


  1. Heat coconut oil until it becomes a liquid. Heat cannabis product slightly (rub between hands)
  2. Combine coconut oil and cannabis distillate
  3. Move to a storage container 

Make sure to store in a cool dark place.

How to Use Cannabis Lube

Apply the lube to your genital area before engaging in sexual activity. Note that it will take 15 to 20 minutes before you feel the effects.

Because using a THC product on your genitals is likely a new experience, I suggest trying it in a solo session first. Take the time to get familiar with the experience and how it feels before introducing it into the bedroom with a partner.

What does it feel like?

Of course, the experience can vary from person to person. But people generally say it helps them feel relaxed, and there are tingling sensations where the lube is applied. Some say that it helps get them aroused and stay aroused longer and can help them to orgasm (longer and more often).

People with penises will not experience the same effects as cannabis lube is not absorbed as easily through the penis. However, people with penises can enjoy the impacts of cannabis lube anally. It can help a person relax before anal play.

If you’re new to anal play, do your research to ensure you’re engaging in it safely. Read more about cannabis and anal sex.

Final Thoughts

Cannabis lube can add some spice into the bedroom with a partner or alone. If using cannabis products with a partner, particularly consuming cannabis that will get you high, always discuss consent and boundaries before consumption.

Have fun and be safe. 

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