Kelly Scott Kolodiazny Interview

In this exclusive interview, Cannabis in Canada’s Founding Director Jason Wilcox sits down with MMAR Coalition against Repeal National Representative, Kelly Scott Kolodiazny.

Kelly is a caregiver to his beloved wife Becky.

High school sweethearts who rekindled their love later in life. Becky was diagnosed with cancer 10 years ago. After a routine of surgeries every three months, she turned to cannabis to ease her suffering. She was told she was terminal, had maybe a year to live. That was five years ago.

Kelly’s wife uses cannabis oil, which they cultivate themselves. They also bake with cannabis, vape, and smoke.

Kelly admits that cannabis is not curing Becky’s aggressive cancer. But, since abandoning the “cut and cure” method of surgical medicating and turning to a regiment of cannabis use, the cancer has slowed down.

Kelly encourages people to educate themselves, and discover on their own the false stigmatization of cannabis.

Jason and Kelly continued to discuss the frustration of the current prohibition of medical marijuana, the work of the Coalition, the hypocrisy and bureaucracy of government, and more. An engaging and informed discourse and a not-to-be-missed interview.