Regulating Dispensaries Without Health Canada: An Interview with Jamie Shaw

In this episode, Cannabis in Canada’s Jason Wilcox sits down with Jamie Shaw, a spokesperson for the BC Compassion Club Society (BCCCS) and a president of the Canadian Association of Medical Cannabis Dispensaries (CAMCD). Jamie is a seasoned veteran of the cannabis discourse, and has a unique and intimate relationship with the community and the ongoing battle for our medicine.

These are two extremely important organizations.

The BCCS is the “oldest and largest medical cannabis dispensary in Canada, and the longest continuously-running dispensary in the Americas,” as well as a wellness centre offering 10 forms of natural therapy.

The CAMCD is a “not-for-profit corporation, has been established with the mandate to promote a regulated community-based approach to medical cannabis access and to support medical cannabis dispensaries to provide the highest quality of patient care.”

Some of the topics discussed include: patients first in the healthcare system, harm reduction, the different agendas of dispensaries, the challenges of legalization, community-based distribution, access to medicine, quality of medicine, what’s happening concerning Cannabis in the US and in Canada, the MMPR and MMAR, the Coalition against Repeal, and so much more.

This is an informed and dynamic conversation, and a truly insightful survey of the challenges we face.