Let’s Talk Sex: F*cking with Cannabis Panel


Now that I have your attention, let’s talk about it. Sex and cannabis, that is, and how combining the two can help you improve your relationship with both yourself and your partner.

Moderated by Melissa Rolston, the co-chairwoman of Women Grow Toronto, the panel features Antuanette Gomez, the founder and CEO of Pleasure Peaks (a line of cannabis lubricants), Dr. Jordan Tishler, from InhaleMD, and Virginia Vidal, the founder of Mary’s Wellness.

The panelists begin by telling us about their first encounter combining cannabis and f*cking- and it includes triplets, multiple orgasms, and pleading the 5th!

But it’s also important not to overlook cannabis in solo efforts either. Antuanette Gomez says cannabis topicals can help women gain a greater awareness of their bodies and can really help promote positive self love and sexual healing (cue the Marvin Gaye!).

Dr. Tishler adds that cannabis can elevate the mind and even help you get past a lot of the sexual stigma and thoughts that people may have concerning masturbation.

Speaking of topicals, it’s important to remember that regardless of what (or who) it’s on top of, they do have a very localized effect, and when it comes to the biology and psychology of sex, much of it does happen above the neck (in the head). That’s why Dr. Tishler will often recommend inhalation (and by that he means vaporization- don’t smoke!) to his patients who are looking for a deeper connection.

When it comes to dosing and getting intimate, the panelists recommend inhalation because other forms, such as edibles, can take a much longer time to kick in and will often kick in at different times and at different strengths for different people. Inhalation avoids that issue, keeping you more in sync with your partner, which is key to connecting, and it can easily be worked into foreplay.

It’s also interesting that when it comes to women, dosing is not as important. A little less or a little more- it’s all good. For men though, less is more. You want to be energized and slightly buzzed, not stoned outta your gourd!

Also if you’ve ever wondered if cannabis was better than Viagra, or how cannabis can help with menstrual cramps, menopausal symptoms, and even endometriosis, check out the video!