CBC News is reporting that the Liberal government will announce legislation next month that will legalize cannabis in Canada by July 1, 2018.

The legislation is expected to follow the recommendations of the federal task force that was chaired by former Liberal Justice Minister Anne McLellan.

While the federal government will be in charge of licensing producers, Ottawa is handing sales to the provincial governments. As well, while Ottawa is setting a minimum age of 18 to buy cannabis, the provinces will have the option of setting a higher age limit if they so choose.

Provinces will also have the options of setting prices and determining how cannabis is to be distributed.

For Canadians wishing to grow their own cannabis, the Liberal government will permit 4 cannabis plants per household.

The Liberals are expected to announce the legalization legislation the week of April 10.

  • Robert Wright

    So they are saying it’s mostly up to the provinces for distribution,sales and age limit so why is it going to take until next July it’s just more liberal bullshit .
    Oh wait a minute I get it now, it’s going to take that long because they need time to bust the rest of the LP’s competition and give them criminal records so they can’t participate in the new legal prohibition 2.0 .
    They just don’t get that you can’t pass unfair laws and expect people will obey.
    It didn’t work for the 6 decades that I have been alive and it won’t work now, if you exclude people you just create a new stealthier underground market.
    But I don’t expect Trudeau and his den of thieves to get that all they see is money, they don’t give a shit about our health or the children’s adolescent brains.
    Under age teenagers have been drinking and throwing booze parties for as long as I can remember yes the government has done such a great job with that and cigarettes.

  • bob

    whole thing doomed if they do not include craft growers and associated. dispensaries…..licensed and testing required of course….