So the Liberals say Canada Day 2018 will be the first day Canadians can legally smoke cannabis. Great.

In the meantime, what is to be done about Canada’s current farmers, producers, vendors and consumers of “illegal” craft cannabis? Are they going to be continually victimized and bullied by the police?

Will they continue to be raided, fined and possibly facing prison sentences for something that will supposedly be legal on July 1st, 2018?

This authentic grassroots dispensary-model, complete with craft BC Bud supplying the goods, should not be regulated by Ottawa.

Will these people be prohibited from participating in the new legal regime at all? That’d be a major miscalculation.

But if the Liberals were smart enough not to raise capital gains taxes in the last budget, perhaps they’ll realize the bone-headedness of prohibiting Canadians with past cannabis criminal records from farming the industrial and medicinal plant.

Let’s say everyone can participate, provided there are no past violent charges (but how do you define violent? Is getting caught with cannabis and a firearm a violent act? I don’t think so). What if the emergent, now legal, craft BC industry is taxed and regulated out of business?

Or at least severely downsized, where the marginal producers and vendors are strangled out of entrepreneurship.

If Canadians are getting four plants per household, does the government really expect to govern the in-and-outs and specifics of free farmers’ markets?

That level of scrutiny and enforcement would require more from the police and, oh, right, that’s exactly what Bill Blair said would happen.

Oh Caleb, you Debbie Downer. It’s time to celebrate, not nit-pick!

But the devil is always in the details.

Do you really think the police are going to be fine with free farmers’ markets operating across the country?

They didn’t even want Canadians home-growing.

Do you really think Canada Day 2018 is really going to be a day to celebrate free market small-l liberalization?

No, cannabis will be treated like alcohol and tobacco. Police will have more powers for roadside tests.

Advertising and marketing will be severely restricted.

More employers might start demanding drug tests from their employees. Returning to the warehouse after lunch? Better consent to a cotton swab lest you lose your job.

In Ontario, so long as Kathleen Wynne not only walks a free woman but has executive power, an LCBO subsidiary will likely absorb legal cannabis sales in collusion with the big and well-connected federal LPs.

The Liberals say Canada Day 2018 may very well be the first day Canadians can legally smoke cannabis.

But what’s legal isn’t always lawful and when it comes to jurisprudence, there is no such thing as normatively neutral interpretations.

Cannabis laws shouldn’t be enforced or obeyed before or after July 1, 2018.

In spite of whatever legislation the Liberals craft, the market will win out. It always does, for, “the market” is the concerted actions of billions of people worldwide.

To imagine a small group of people with guns and badges could ever coerce it into submission was a fatal conceit from the beginning.

Socialist regimes of the 20th century were proof of market superiority, and the interventionist Western governments of the 21st century will put the nail into the socialist coffin.

Cannabis will help with that.

  • Robert Wright

    The reason it won’t be legal until 2018 is the liberals are stalling to give their LP friends time to expand their operations and stock pile that ditch weed they call cannabis .
    They think if they build it people will come but that only works if you have a better product that is better than others can grow and so far the LP’s have shown that they are willing to poison people by using unnecessary chemicals which in my opinion is a rookie move .
    Do you really want to trust huge multi-million dollar companies some of which put profit before their customers health and well being.
    You are just a dollar sign to these despicable excuses for human beings they would steal a dead mans wallet off of his cold dead body.

    • Réal Guy


      Actually if i got that story right it just boils down to Health Canada remaining contemplative while LPs discussed together trying to decide if it was OKay to use a BANNED pesticide of which the Hydrogen Cyanide by-product happens to be masked by the consumption method: smoking… Because the smoking act generates such poison anyway, so they reasoned why not?!

      Now that sort of organization sense spells “collusion” to me, and yet i’m waiting to see the sentences served to Metrum and its siblings.

      Imagine if it had been about concentrates vs pesticides, etc…

      • Robert Wright

        I will continue getting mine from someone I trust those despicable people won’t be getting a chance to poison me the only person I trust is myself .

        • Réal Guy

          There was a time.

          A dedicated grower made sense under the ACMPR when it was about “medical” applications, while a 3rd-party person trusted by both parties was legally authorized by specific paper work to manage the actual cannabis production, but now that the bigots plan to redefine the “mari-caca” genetic landscape for us, possibly with the added “benefit” of GMO Bio-Tracking Markers, for exemple, etc. Euh… Quite frankly that’s how much i trust those self-serving politicians, if you see where this is carying me!!

          So, indeed there’s quite a need to garantee our individual right to grow, instead of being dictated what seed to germinate. But now there’s rumor it will be limited to 4 plants per address and hence i spontaneously read “per electric (logging) meter”. Anyone following?…

          In other words i’m expecting there will be new constraints piling up for those who feel like insisting on quality “bio”, well-cured and resinous cannabis… Ideally free of nuisance like parasites, including their toxins – even if ionized in a radio-active sterilization chamber! Euh… Of course they treat “stoners”/”droÿés” like rats! They’ve been at it long before my father was even born. Vilification is the only “alternative” Hilary Geller and her H.-C. peers may know…

          No progress seems realistically attainable with adversaries who refuse to accept that we must see, weight and smell before we buy!! At the very least i demand that most taxed stuff shall always require Quality Storage in a controlled-humidity refrigerator!…

          Good day, have fun!! 😉

          • Robert Wright

            Réal Guy totally agree it doesn’t surprise me they are pulling this crap I knew from the start they were out to control this and stuff their pockets full of cash now it will be interesting too see how much of their nonsense stand’s up in court when challenged

  • locomotive1

    My opinion?…it won’t happen July 1st, 2018…it will get pushed back until just before the next election to suck in…(read 2nd opinion)
    Second opinion…suck in once more the same fools that voted for this lying sack of excrement the first time…but ya know, he has great hair and abs, has tons of experience taking selfies and…and…and he’s going to legalize pot boys and girls…maybe…someday.
    Read how many cannabis shops have been busted and put out of business in the 17 months the
    Ill-liberals have been in power. Think of how many jobs that have been negated…hey!…there’s always fentanyl…sarc!