A grow-op in Cramahe Township has been shut down after police executed two search warrants last week. The OPP Organized Crime Enforcement Unit seized hundreds of plants from the operation. This grow-op had been legally licensed to produce cannabis, but the police discovered that the limit on the number of plants that can be legally grown was crossed by over 700.

Three individuals were charged, and the police estimate that the street value of all of the plants is around $400,000. It should be noted that these kinds of estimates by police are very rough, and it should not be taken as an exact estimate by any means.

Members of Hydro One and the Ontario Fire Marshall’s Office were there as well, and they found that the hyrdo had been bypassed and also a large generator was installed illegally, because of a failure to secure a proper inspection.


  • Surveilz

    So basically, their entire vetting process is useless. Couple that with the fact consumers don’t want LP product and you have the mirror image of Crown corporations, bloodsucking entities that exists outside the realm of free market enterprise, but would otherwise die if they weren’t.

    • http://Overgrow.ning.com/ ElectroPig von FökkenGrüüven

      You’re actually starting to understand how “The statutory legal system” is designed to work!

      Now, the question remains: Do you want it “OVER”, or do you want it “FOREVER?”

  • Jeff Nemeth

    this is the result of dispensary owners being forced by growers to
    purchase their product at black market prices. Many dispensary owners
    are compassionate people and only mark up 10% to 30% I’m calling on all
    dispensaries to refuse to buy at those prices and patient/growers to
    supply at $1 per gram, the dispensary owners can the sell at a fair mark
    up and we can put an end to this, if your a patient/ grower and you
    want that much for your cannabis then your a greedy prick. Dispensary
    owners need to say no thanks and growers need to pull their head out of
    their ass. You injure the weakest among us with your greed.
    If you
    want to grow medicine and sell it to dispensaries at black market
    prices then no is the answer and you can take your 50lbs and sit out
    front of the high school and try and sell it.. asshats. It’s not your
    ‘right’ to grow unless you are designated by a federal patient.

  • Jeff Nemeth

    as far as this guy goes he should be banned from ever growing legal
    cannabis again and thrown in jail for stealing power…thief

  • http://Overgrow.ning.com/ ElectroPig von FökkenGrüüven

    If only people knew what brains were, and started TRYING to use them “from time to time”…just to see what it was like?

    No big rush…our grerat grandchildren can end prohibition, “so we dont inconvenience ourselves with repealing it ourselves.”

    After all, the debts racked up thirty years ago are on THEIR FUTURE INCOMES anyway…so why shouldn’t they suffer from our DELIBERATE INACTION for another thirty of forty years?


    NEVER look up the words “FREE” and “LEGAL” so you can understand why we keep losing more and more of our rights.

    No big rush…after all, if we just keep whining that “someone (else…but not me…’cause I’ve got important shit to do…) REALLY needs to do something about that…” eventually, “someone (else…but not me…)” will just step up and fix it for us. After all, that’s how everything works, right?