Licensed medical cannabis producer Mettrum announced a recall of their product, in a press release sent out earlier today.

Mettrum said the recall was due to a foliar spray, purchased from the third party supplier, used to wash plants which, after review by Health Canada was found to contain an ingredient called pyrethrin. Pyrethrin is used as an insecticide on crops in Canada, but is not approved for use on medical cannabis.

“Quality, purity and transparency are Mettrum’s top priorities, which is why we have initiated a voluntary recall of the exposed product and are reaching out directly to all impacted clients,” said Mettrum Health Corp director and CEO Michael Haines. “While the ingredient is not harmful and there is no negative effect on product quality and safety, we are doing everything possible to ensure client satisfaction and confidence is upheld.”

Mettrum stated that cannabis samples were inspected by third-party testing facilities and no traces of pyrethrin residues were found on growing plants or finished products.

Health Canada classifies this type of recall as “Type III: a situation in which the use of, or exposure to, a product is not likely to cause any adverse health consequences.”

“Clients who have previously purchased affected products are being contacted directly with additional information and next steps,” Mettrum’s release stated.


  • Robert Wright

    This is why you have to grow your own so you know what your cannabis has come in contact with you can’t trust the LP’s owned by millionaires sanctioned by the government they will poison you and then buy their way out of taking any responsibility.
    The stuff they sell is ditch weed and they are charging too much for it one of them is charging medical growers $750.00 for 5 clones now that is just pure greed.

  • Anthony

    GMO Monsanto

  • Robert Wright

    Yes don’t worry they say it’s not harmful yet when you google Pyrethrin you find allot of people saying it’s not so safe.
    So how is this any better than buying from your local grower many of whom grow organically and use no chemicals just know your grower and you will be safer than buying it from these government sanctioned LP’s owned by the rich who have no problem breaking the rules of their licensing agreement by using sprays not approved by the government who’s judgement I don’t trust anyway.
    Just eating vegetables is scary unless you grow your own because really we can only trust our health to ourselves.

  • TorontosaurusEx

    Reminds me of the folly of another major “Licenced Producer” Tilray back in early 2015, Under Harper’s Bastard Brainchild, the MMPR and all the new super strict pharma-model protocols…
    Well that didn’t work. Health Canada actually allows fungicides with a 15% unspecified ingredient -under proprietary trade-secret classification. From makers like Monsanto. Hurray for science!
    Biotechnological triumph. Those who create this crap certainly won’t use it. They know better. So do I.

    “Science is a perversion of itself unless it is has
    as it’s ultimate goal the benefit of humanity.
    Quote from Nicola Tesla