CARP Canada, an organization that serves the interests of aging Canadians, has announced a partnership with Health Canada licensed producer of cannabis CanniMed.

The partnership’s goal is to correct inaccurate or misleading information for Canada’s “zoomer” generation that are considering treatment with cannabis.

Medical cannabis has been shown to alleviate medical conditions many aging Canadians suffer from, such as arthritis, glaucoma and neuropathic pain.

“This partnership with CARP will help to disseminate accurate medical cannabis information to a patient demographic that is highly engaged in learning more on how people with chronic and terminal illnesses can improve their quality of life when conventional medicine just isn’t enough.” said CanniMed President and CEO Brent Zettl.

Under the “CARP Recommended” Partnership, CARP members have access to an online information portal, as well as a customer service team, which includes CanniMed’s staff pharmacist, to discuss cannabis use.

“Zoomers are aware that they are responsible for their own health, and are asking about medical cannabis,” said CARP President Moses Znaimer. “After surveying the market carefully, we can confidently recommend CanniMed for its singular devotion to science based medical cannabis, while many other producers have their eyes on the recreational market.”

From 2001-2013, under the former Canadian medical marijuana program, CanniMed’s parent company, Prairie Plant Systems, was the sole licensed producer of cannabis to Health Canada.