Lit and Fit

Just say YES! To the Lit and Fit Lifestyle

So, everybody says stoners are lazy…. right?


I want to introduce you to the #litandfit lifestyle movement…

WARNING: the gains are contagious!

Earlier this year I decided that I wanted to get off my butt and start breaking the stereotype of lazy stoner. I am not going to lie.. Making the change from couch potato to squat master hasn’t all been a walk in the park… But it has been a ton of fun!

I want to share some key factors that have contributed to my commitment to the lit and fit lifestyle.

Cannabis, my crew (aka support network), and the GAINS!

I wasn’t always a couch potato. It truly is a learned art, and after years of a sedentary lifestyle I had it perfected. It took approaching my 30th birthday, gaining 40lbs and a good friend to snap me out of the #couchlife. I have to thank for my bestie Julia for introducing me to ganja gym sessions. I discovered that although I greatly dislike exercising, I love exercising after puffing a doobie. AND the more cannabis I have had, the more I love whatever physical activity I am doing. Which brings me to my next point.

Going to the gym is better with a friend… right?


Especially when you are doing it lit and fit. Along with the fact that pre-workout doobies are so much more enjoyable with a crew, I find that making exercise dates with friends keeps me accountable. It’s much harder to miss a workout when you have another person counting on you to be there. It’s also easier to add more reps when you are trying to keep up with your much fitter friend (yes Jason I am talking to you!).

Grab your crew and get out to the gym, park, lake, just get to your favourite workout spot because the #litandfit gains are waiting.

It truly is the gains that have me hooked. Since committing I have increased my mobility, lost a bunch of the extra weight, and improved my cardio (better lungs for bigger tokes). Everyday that I make the choice to get up and continue with the lit and fit lifestyle makes the next day easier.

The lit and fit lifestyle is all inclusive. It is for everybody and every body. All you have to do is grab a friend, light a joint and start!

Want to learn more about cannabis and exercise? Watch this video “Exercise, Recovery & Cannabis” moderated by Dr. Michael Hart from #CannaLifeConf