LP Aphria Set to Expand Operations

A medical cannabis licensed producer in Leamington Ontario has grown operations by more than originally planned.

A $1-million project at Aphria has grown to $3-million because of the ruling on R. v. Smith, forcing Health Canada to allow LPs sell other forms of cannabis, including oil.

Aphria CEO Vic Neufeld says that has led to some major changes. “The oil extraction is, for us, a real game changer in the long term. So we quickly scrambled and got back all of our sub-contractors and started to re-craft the infrastructure of rooms and air handling and people flow and material flow to allow for us to one day do oil extraction.”

The expansion includes a processing area, vault storage space, oil extraction rooms and a full lab.

The expansion process should be ready for inspection by Health Canada within the next week, but no word yet on when Health Canada will be ready to inspect the LP.