LP Applicant Fighting with Caledon Town Council

The application for a licensed producer facility in Caledon has come down to a local council decision, with the LP owners asking the town to settle before heading off to a “long OMB hearing”.

Caledon’s council has made it clear they want this type of agriculture done within its industrial zones.  Town staff has told spokesperson for the LP application, Ron Webb, that they don’t believe the use is acceptable on the lands present agricultural zoning.

Webb said his clients disagree and are willing to go to a scheduled Ontario Municipal Board hearing, but would prefer not to. The town passed its own bylaw in which medical cannabis facilities are only permitted in industrial zones, and Webb’s clients appealed that bylaw resulting in the impending OMB date.

Webb said the appeal his client submitted would apply to the entire town, meaning if the town lost at the OMB, the decision could affect every land zoned with the same agricultural designation. However, if his client agreed to drop the appeal, he hoped the council would direct staff to work toward a settlement.

The ending of his delegation was met with silence from the council. “I’m disappointed,” Webb said. “It sounds as though council is not prepared to make a decision today to bring about a settlement.”

“My understanding is exactly that,” said councillor Doug Beffort, who was sitting in as acting mayor for Mayor Allan Thompson.

Thompson declared a conflict of interest and sat in the audience.