LP Wants Recreational Cannabis Delivered Through Mail

Medical cannabis growers have an idea to fast track the selling of recreational cannabis, and that is to allow for it to be delivered by mail. Right now medical cannabis can only be sent to people who already have a prescription. Growers are suggesting that the quickest way to start selling recreational cannabis is to designate recreational use on their mailing list.

The Liberal government vowed to legalize cannabis across the nation as part of their election campaign, with an emphasis on restricting access so that cannabis won’t be available to children. The issue of how and where to legally sell cannabis is causing complications all over though.

Cam Battley, with one of Canada’s biggest producers Bedrocan Canada, says that if the rules were changed then his company would be able to start meeting the demand immediately. “Mail order is for medical cannabis but that system can be expanded very rapidly, even before the details are worked out with the provinces,” said Battley.

He claims that using mail delivery for recreational cannabis would cut out a lot of the illegal market, including dispensaries that are currently not legal. It should be noted that Bedrocan is one of the few licensed producers in the country, and a mail delivery system as Battely describes might benefit the LP’s while making it harder for other dispensaries to compete.

Last Friday it was announced that former Toronto police chief Bill Blair would be the one to head Trudeau’s legalization efforts. Battley says that Trudeau has made a good call, and referred to Blair as an “ideal choice.” According to Battley, “He’s somebody who knows the issue up and down and will take a thoughtful, balanced and mature approach to figuring out how to do this and do it right and do it safely.”

Battley plans on meeting with the federal task force next month and will be making recommendations as far as the mail delivery methods go. “The recommendations that we’re going to be making to the federal government is that they consider legalizing cannabis on a fast track by allowing for an expanded mail order system. Canadians expect that when they buy milk or meat at the grocery store, that it will be regulated and they can trust it and the same thing goes for alcohol. The same thing should go for cannabis.” Battley said.