Mary’s Wellness Infused Teas Interview

Cannabis Life Network host Alana Kindree met with Virginia Vidal, owner of Mary’s Wellness cannabis infused teas and products, at the Toronto Lift Expo.

Vidal said she was inspired to start the line of edibles by the birth of her triplets, that left her needing six surgeries over the following three years.

“I was on multiple medications, morphine, Percocet, anti-inflammatories, all these kinds of drugs and I was not able to function properly — I was always very drowsy,” said Vidal.

Cannabis became a part of her life to help manage pain, but she was still looking for a more practical method to use cannabis.

“As much as I enjoy smoking cannabis or vaping, it was not always feasible when looking after your family — so that’s when the teas came into play,” she said. “It’s a good product to have during the day when you’re still taking care of your family.”

Vidal said, unlike other products, her teas are mild, and able to be consumed in low and small dosages over time.

She said she’ll often have a tea, get caught up in her day, and then add more hot water later.

Since beginning sales, Vidal said she’s had a positive response from the medical community and praised for using only certified organic teas.

For more information on Mary’s Wellness products and availability, visit their website.