Nanaimo Cannabis Dispensary Recently Targeted By Thieves

 Thieves in Nanaimo recently targeted the GreenTree medical cannabis dispensary, in which they showed priority for the cash present and not so much attention paid to the product on the shelves. “They passed over thousands of dollars worth of product that was clearly on display and just took the cash register,” said Andrew Hanson. He says that he was sent to watch the store but he got there to find that it had been broken into at roughly 5:30 in the morning. Hanson was greeted by the police, along with a smashed front door to his establishment.

Inside the GreenTree venue, there were dozens of jars of cannabis present and there was also a large variety of edible products like gummy bear cannabis candies and more. None of the products that were in the display cases had been touched, and the only item that the thieves seemed focused on was the cash available in the register. The dispensary also has a safe but it didn’t look like the suspects attempted to break into it. Hanson says that only about $150 cash is kept on the premises, as part of the float amount for his register, and other than he says that there is no cash present for anyone to target.

From the looks of the scene, it appears that the suspects broke into the front door by using a brick to smash the door window. Hanson arrived at the business in the morning to find the broken brick on the sidewalk out front of the broken door.