New Canadian Cannabis Study Largest of its Kind

A new study on the effects of cannabis will be the largest of its kind in Canada.

Academic chronic pain physicians Dr. John Hanlon from St. Michael’s Hospital and Dr. Hance Clarke from the Toronto General Hospital have received research ethics board approval to begin their study on the benefits and effects of inhaled cannabis.

“Even though there are some very encouraging results suggesting that smoked or inhaled cannabis can be effective, there is a lack of long-term, large-scale studies assessing the role of dried cannabis in pain, sleep and function” said Hanlon.

The cannabis study will follow 1,000 medicinal patients over three years, assessing the impact of the drug on chronic pain, sleep and function.

“With this large scale study, we hope to advance our understanding of the medical uses and efficacy of cannabis and guide the development of further clinical trials,” said Clarke.

All patients in the cannabis study will be over 25, and have been prescribed cannabis for a chronic condition.

The study is sponsored by CanvasRx Inc.