New Cannabis Shop Opening In Campbellford

An online cannabis retailer, CannaDaze, will be opening its first storefront in Campbellton, ON this May. Wayne Matheson is the owner, and he will be assisted by Al Graham, the voice of P.A.C.E (People Advocating Cannabis Education).

Only an online retailer in the past, the brick and mortar store will sell many cannabis items except for the plant itself. “The storefront will carry everything but the plant. This includes everything from seeds, to pipes, containers, to growing supplies such as lights. There will be no marijuana for sale,” says Matheson. They will also provide assistance for those looking to obtain a medical cannabis card.

The store will also be used to give information to people about the P.A.C.E. organization and their mission. Both men are medical cannabis users, Graham suffers from Crohn’s Disease and has found tremendous relief from using this natural medicine. Matheson says that he has talked to officials in the town and they are fine with his operation and he is confident that it won’t get shut down.

The two have been running a table at a local flea market for a month now, Graham says that  “One advantage of being at two places, is we reach two different types of clientele. At the market we reach the older crowd, and at the store we expect to reach people ages 20 to 40 years of age.”

The grand opening of the store is scheduled for Friday, May 13.