Interview with Author Laurence Cherniak

Laurence Cherniak spoke with Budzilla operator Rejean Houle about the release of his newest colouring book, Hemp Leaves.

Cherniak said the book is a study of even-bladed cannabis leaves and said he hoped, besides enjoying the book, readers would realize how prolific these less-visible leaves are in cannabis growing.

Cherniak talked to Houle about his experiences as a grower across Canada as well as his views on cannabis use.

“Because of my medical license with Health Canada and the quantity that my daily prescription was, it was interesting to ultimately be able to have my license in the East Coast, central Canada and the West Coast,” Cherniak said.

The author said the cannabis community is living through an exciting time that will drastically shift the perception of the plant for future generations.

“Histrionics is when you are effected by something that someone does, that comes so much from their heart that you know, that when you’re seeing it liv,e that it’s never happened like that before and they know it and everybody knows it’s never quite happened like this before and it’s absolutely amazing,” he said.

For more information, visit Cherniak’s website.