Vancouver Says, So Far, Seven Dispensary Tickets Paid Out of 139

While Vancouver officials yesterday issued the city’s first business license to a medical dispensary, they continue to move forward with a system of ticketing to shut down those shops that haven’t complied with their program.

City of Vancouver communications staff Jason Watson said, since the city’s Apr. 29 deadline, 30 dispensaries have shut down with 61 shops currently open that are facing enforcement.

Watson said 139 $250 tickets have been issued since the end of April, but, so far, only seven of those tickets have been paid.

Budzilla dispensary operator Rejean Houle said, compared to earlier in May, the city’s fine system has slowed down.

“It seems like the bylaws officers are not too keen on issuing tickets” Houle said. “Efforts to block them from accessing said sites — such as security guards, buzz in access and refusal from staff to take tickets and to refer bylaw officers to management — tactics are working.”

Houle said he’s prepared for a long fight with the city over their refusal to grant him a business license.

“Looks like the city is regrouping and maybe rethinking the hard line approach — I’m hoping,” Houle said. “But, regardless, this seems like the quiet before a storm, of some kind.”

Wealth Shop Society (4545 W 10th Ave) has become the first dispensary to receive a license, but the city said there are two others also close to obtaining one.

Watson said, later this week, the city will be issuing a comprehensive update on Vancouver‘s progress in the permitting and licensing process.