First Dispensary Business License Issued in Vancouver

The Vancouver Courier is reporting that the City of Vancouver has issued its first medical cannabis dispensary business license to Wealth Shop Society.

The dispensary, which has not opened for business but is located at 4545 West 10 Ave, writes on their website they “are committed to providing alternative health and wellness products, services and educational information to clients seeking a more health conscious lifestyle.”

Vancouver‘s chief licensing inspector Andreea Toma said the city will continue to monitor dispensaries after they’ve received approval for a license.

“If anything that they do doesn’t meet our current regulations, we will bring them back in and have a chat with them,” said Toma.

The dispensary paid the city $20,000 for the remainder of 2016 in licensing fees, said Toma, and they will pay $30,000 next year for the full term of 2017.

Toma said two other dispensaries are close to also obtaining a business license.