The Budzilla Show — Episode 2

Watch this video from Budzilla operator Rejean Houle in the second episode of the Budzilla Show, covering cannabis news and events.

In this episode, Rejean and co-host Jay visit Granville Street in Vancouver to talk to people about cannabis legalization.

“So far we haven’t even been able to find anybody with any kind of negative comments towards marijuana,” said Rejean. “It looks like pretty much everybody in BC really wants to legalize.”

Rejean and Jay are also joined by Braydon from Skull Fish Glass who shows off some of his creations.

You can find Skull Fish Glass on Instagram, here.

You can watch Episode 1 of the Budzilla Show here and also check out Rejean on The Smoke Show where advocates review licensed producer made medical cannabis, including accredited laboratory analysis.

For more information, visit Budzilla at 2267 Kingsway in Vancouver or their website.