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New cannabis vape lounge, Natural Budz, opens in Pickering, Ont

The Durham region has got a brand new vapour lounge with Natural Budz opening in Pickering, Ontario.

With a motto of “Be happy, love people, stay high”, the founders of Natural Budz, Tiara and Annelene Sillet, want to reduce the stigma around cannabis by providing an inclusive space for community, education, and enjoying cannabis’ many benefits. Natural Budz even hosts a “High Meditation Session” every Friday along with live music, video game tournaments, and movie nights every week.

The lounge is open to everybody (except minors) and the owners promote the use of Volcano vaporizers as one of the healthiest methods of smoking cannabis- but that doesn’t mean you’re limited to Volcanoes, as Natural Budz CEO Tiara Sillet said, “We allow other methods of consumption as well. We just don’t allow tobacco”. Members definitely have their options with Natural Budz’s collection of bongs, rigs, pipes, and grinders- you’re bound to find the method of consumption best suited for you.

Co-founder Tiara Sillet is a medical cannabis patient herself, and she told CLN, “The neighbours have been awesome. They usually stop by and express how happy they are about having a place like this in the area. This plaza used to be called the Stoner Plaza, and we aim to provide an area for people to smoke away from other businesses and/or minors.”

But not everybody likes the idea of vapour lounges like Natural Budz in Pickering, such as Ward 2 Regional Councillor Bill McLean, who told the Durham Region News, “Even if it [cannabis] was legal, I’d have a real issue with it [the lounge].” But the owners of Natural Budz are doing everything they can to stay on the right side of the law, with Tiara Sillet saying, “It is strictly bring your own bud. No dealing or soliciting is allowed on the premises.”

Tiara continued, “We just recently met with inspectors and the staff sergeant from the Pickering police headquarters and helped to educate them about the cannabis industry, and we explained how small businesses are needed to improve the economy”. She also told them that Ontario should consider a similar model to BC to avoid monopolizing the industry. Tiara and her partner have also met with some of the local politicians, including the Pickering mayor.

Natural Budz is open every day except for Wednesdays, and daily, weekly, and monthly memberships are available. All memberships get you entry into the lounge, the use of the vaporizers, and a pleasant/comfortable vibe.

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Photo Credit: Durham Region News