New Cannabis Wellness Center Opens In Charlottetown

A new cannabis wellness center to treat for trauma has been opened in Charlottetown.

The venue, Marijuana For Trauma (MFT), has been helping many individuals to cope with PTSD and other health issues in the community. Veteran Jim Grant says that the service has helped him to gain an energetic new lease on life. He says that the company helped him to get onto the federal medical cannabis program and he says that the relief from the cannabis he received was major. Grant started using the cannabis several months ago and it’s provided him with a lot of personal benefit, from being able to sleep better, to feeling better mentally, and more.

MFT national business manager, Jean-Guy Bourguignon, says that the venue does not dispense cannabis. He says that the company facilitates and supports safe and responsible patient access to medically prescribed cannabis. They also help individuals to navigate the medical and pension benefits maze and help link clients with appropriate licensed producers and medical-grade cannabis. Bourguignon says that many people have been seeking their help for their own loved ones who are veterans and suffering from PTSD. “Wives call us, children call us, (saying) ‘please, come help my father: he’s been in the basement for three months,” says Bourguignon. The MFT opened its very first wellness center in Prince Edward Island this week.