New Music Friday

New Music Friday is back, with more recommendations for great music that you might have missed, right in time for the weekend.

SuperGood – Duckwrth

Duckwrth’s new album is a refreshing taste to the somewhat stale hip-hop scene. Working off the success of his song “Crush” Duckwrth has doubled down into that 70’s esc style, creating a project that has a lush audio production both on his vocals and for the beats. This unique sound is incredibly catchy and will always get you tapping your foot, if not dancing.

Manifesto – Melo Makes Music ft. Kota the friend

A new name to me “Melo Makes Music” came onto my radar strong with this single featuring “Kota The friend”. Its got a slower BPM, with heavy bass and bizarre ambient sounds throughout the track that gives it a lot of life. Not to mention Kota’s verse stands out as one of the hardest verses I’ve heard from him to date. I was originally drawn in by the unique Cover for the single, featuring a group of guys in a brick alley clad in various pink garments. The stellar music video made me fall even more in love with this track mirroring the energy from the songs cover.

Tour de Tide – Grafic

Another new name “Grafic” boasting a huge 6,763 monthly listeners, drops his debut album following the success of his EP “The Sunrise Ride”. This album is super fun to listen to, its filled with interludes of him and his friends bantering and yelling at each other. “Grafic’s” got an old school boom bap type sound, mixed with a new wave funk, brought through his ingenuitive audio production. I highly recommend keeping an eye on this artist as he rises.

Better – Deante’ Hitchcock

Wow, I can’t believe the world is sleeping on this album. “Better” is getting some recognition but nothing near what it deserves. Deante’ has hit gold with this album, it sounds like something you’d expect from a “Dreamville” project sounding fairly melancholy and nostalgic. With stellar features from “6lack” and “JID” this album has some amazing lyricism and Deante’ keeps up with these two legends without question.

Well, those have been our picks for the new music you should be listening to, let us know what releases we missed in the comments.

What was your favorite artist from this week’s list?