New Music Friday: Masego, Saba, Chappy go lucky, Slothai, and Whethan

This week on New Music Friday, we’ve got great music suggestions right in time for the weekend. We’ve got tracks from Masego, Saba, Chappy go lucky, Slothai, and Whethan / Oliver Tree. So all in all a pretty awesome week in music releases.

Freefall – Whethan ft Oliver Tree

Just when we thought we would never hear from this duo again they release a new song, and it’s everything you would have expected or could have wanted. Catchy Chorus delivered by the newly retired Oliver Tree enveloped by an energetic dance beat from Whethan.

Mrs whoever / Something in the water – Saba

The first we’ve heard from Saba in a while and it was worth the wait. He’s back with a new sound, it’s just fresh enough to make us excited all again without losing the characteristics that made him great. Plus a Denzel Curry feature, these tracks are worth your attention.

Passport – Masego

Taking a break between albums to mess around and make some singles Masego drops his newest track Passport. Which plays with what sounds like a form a Chinese guitar, meshing it with subdued 808 bass hits makes a supper vibey song.

Everest – Chappy go Lucky

Chappy brings his charismatic energy one more time with the latest track, Everest. Dropping a punchy n’ quick flow, this track gets the blood flowing forsure.

Feel away – Slothai

A change of pace for sure for the high energy Slothai, he shows us a new side. One that I was not expecting but am glad to see, creating an impactful and deep song/music video that makes us think deeply about life, and ponder at what feelings he’s trying to express through this.

Well, that’s another week in music wrapped up, let us know what tracks we missed in the comments below.