The Tragic fall of oliver tree

The Ugly Beautiful rise and retirement of Oliver Tree

The road to Oliver Tree’s debut album “Ugly is Beautiful” is a bittersweet story of how the inner workings of the music industry can destroy an artist.

A Brief History

As a kid, Oliver grew up in a musical household, both his parents were musicians, and he has been playing music since the age of three. Oliver is a former pro DJ who in highschool opened for Skrillex and a pro scooter athlete who has competed at a national level. He has been working on his unique sound all his life but most notably his sound developed from his time in his high school rap group called mind fuck, and his former musical persona Tree where he released early music as a teen.

But the modern Oliver Tree, who most of you know from his memes, began in about 2016 when he released “When I’m Down” ft. Whethan which put him on the map and got him signed to Atlantic records. Two years later releasing the coveted Alien Boy EP in 2018 wich would go mega-viral and put Oliver on the at the top of his career. He performed at Coachella and other huge music festivals with little to no music in his discography, which goes to show how much the people loved him. He used his platform and pushed most of his budget from his label into making the most magnificent music videos he could, spending up to 1,000,000 dollars on a single video. Oliver released several singles and small EP’s between Alien boy and his debut album “Ugly is Beautiful” that released last week.

Oliver Tree’s Magnum Opus

Oliver Tree Ugly Is Beautiful

Ugly is beautiful is Oliver Tree’s magnum opus, it’s been the product of over a decade of hard work, it’s one of my favorite albums I’ve ever listened to no questions asked. He meshes so many genres into one unique sound that works so well. This new sound combines 90’s alt rock, EDM, and hiphop in the best way possible.

Oliver Genres

The album is fourteen tracks and lasts a beautiful 37 minutes, I’ve listened to it front to back probably about fifteen times at this point. About half the album is new material the rest is compiled from his various singles and EP’s. The old songs from the Alien Boy EP even feel nostalgic at this point. It’s sad to say we won’t get to hear any new music from him as this is the end of the road for Oliver Tree’s music career.

The Fall

No, I’m not talking about Oliver’s tragic fall that ended his pro scooter career and left him hospitalized with two broken wrists. I’m speaking of his tragic fall from glory as he retires indefinitely from music. In short, he was jaded by the music industry to the point where he couldn’t take it anymore.

He signed to Atlantic Records in 2018 following the success of “When I’m Down” and at this point, Oliver claims he had already finished 90% of the album and was ready to take the world by storm. But Atlantic Records had other plans for Mr Tree. Being the business they were, it was a risk to let Oliver release the album so early on in his career, citing the need of a larger fan base before they would release “Ugly is beautiful”. Oliver got to work, releasing a few songs at a time from the album to slowly build the audience the label wanted. After doing this for a few years he amazed a huge following, but most of the much-awaited album had been released and it had lost the gravitas and excitement that it once had.

The album was supposed to come out early 2020 but 24 hours before its release it was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic cancelling it’s touring potential. This crushed Oliver and he released a single track (with a music video as always) for the song “Let me down” feeling let down and defeated Oliver was fed up and at a loss, three months later he announced he was quitting music forever and releasing the album.

Oliver Tree plans for the future

Oliver may be done with music but he is far from being done with life, he has huge aspirations as a feature film director and is currently working on writing his Memoir to be released in the next few years.

Where did you first hear about Oliver Tree, was is his memes, music, or scooter videos let us know in the comments below?