Oct 17, 2018: Cannabis Legalization Day with High Times in Victoria

On Oct. 17, Craig Ex aka The Expert of Expert Joints and Kyle from High Times caught the ferry from Vancouver to Victoria, the capital of BC, to celebrate cannabis legalization on the grounds of BC’s parliament buildings.

It was a bright and sunny day that got a whole lot hazier as it went on, and Craig and Kyle ran into some familiar faces who were just as happy to be there as they were.

Legalization Day attracted a large crowd to the lawns of the legislature, and it was a microcosm of the diversity of the cannabis community. Even the cops seemed to be in a good mood, perhaps getting a little buzzed off that secondhand smoke.  

Miss Majick aka the Dabbing Granny was stoked about legalization, saying:

“It’s great for the layman, man. You get to carry 30 grams with you and if you’re lucky enough to live somewhere you can grow, you can grow up to 4 plants- no height limit!”

Craig and Kyle also talked to Dana Larsen and Dori Dempster, the people behind one of Vancouver’s oldest dispensaries, The Medicinal Cannabis Dispensary, and Dana acknowledged while there are flaws and problems with the cannabis laws, legalization is an important first step and a historic moment. But it’s not all fun and games as he also pointed out that you can still get arrested over cannabis, saying:

“A $5000 fine or 3 months in jail. That’s their standard penalty for any violation of the cannabis rules.”

Dana also brought hundreds of joints with him to give away and they were going fast- so fast he was worried he didn’t bring enough!

Craig and Kyle caught Neil Magnuson, the organizer of the Cannabis Substitution Project, giving a speech where he said:

“Cannabis is a great substitute for alcohol, commercial tobacco, and toxic pharmaceuticals.”

Amen to that!