cannabis in the Ontario Election

Breaking: Ontario to scrap government-only cannabis stores

Wherever you lie on the political spectrum, the recent election of the Progressive Conservatives in Ontario, led by Doug Ford, has a silver lining for cannabis retail after all.

Since the Ontario PC’s were elected, there has been little clarification on the issue of allowing private stores to sell cannabis despite requests from multiple publications for comment and accusations from the NDP for lacking transparency- until now.

Industry sources such as the CEO of MMJ Canada- a cannabis dispensary with locations in Ontario, BC, and Alberta– posted on Facebook earlier today saying the plan for government-only cannabis stores will likely be scrapped, it’s only a matter of time.

When CLN contacted Clint for clarification, he said: “Every person in power I know always says the same thing- it’s being scrapped”.

Prominent cannabis lawyer Jake Lloyd told VICE News:

“I have on good authority that private retail will be the future of cannabis sales in Ontario. We won.”

It’s not hard to see why the new government would embrace it, and not only because of Doug Ford’s alleged hash-dealing past.

It’s an easy political win for the new Progressive Conservative government and it makes sense given PC leader Doug Ford’s belief in the free market, who indicated an openness to private retail at a Jun. 21 press conference:

I’m private sector, I don’t believe government should stick their nose into everything, but again, this is a path we have never went down.”

The original plan by the outgoing Liberal government plan for Ontario’s cannabis stores was ridiculous, and not only because the branding and logo of the government-run stores- to be called “Ontario Cannabis Store”- reportedly cost taxpayers $650,000!

The Liberal government’s original plan would have cost millions of dollars as it basically created a retail industry from scratch for a product it had never sold before, while actively trying to destroy the existing dispensary system that had been doing it for years.

And during the campaign, former Ontario premier Kathleen Wynne even had the gall to call Doug Ford’s private cannabis plans “reckless”! No wonder the Liberals lost so badly they lost official party status.

Stay tuned on Tuesday, July 31 for the government’s official announcement.

Featured image courtesy of the Toronto Star.


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