Must Liberal legalization remove the criminal element from cannabis? Must it protect the children?

Where is the criminal element in cannabis?

Are the majority of cannabis connoisseurs, from seed providers to farmers to extraction crews and vendors, not peaceful law-abiding Canadians?

Is it not the case that these people are considered criminal based purely on semantics?

Could this not have been fixed on day one?

Why not take cannabis out of the criminal code, and, counter to what the provincial premiers prefer, hand them the responsibility?

Do you know why Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne wants to avoid a “patchwork” legal regime? Do you know why BC’s Christy Clark would rather not acknowledge BC Bud?

Because it means actually listening to their constituents. And no democratic leader wants that.

Is the job not easier when people are busy watching Netflix and sports? When no one cares about corporate hand-outs and insider deals? When the unimaginative and damaging work of the “public” sector offers stability and thus obedience and loyalty?

Is it not much easier for the parasite when its host doesn’t notice them? When its host treats the bloodsucker as a necessary component of life?

On what basis do the Liberals command ultimate decision-making power over cannabis? The federal government has clearly been wrong about prohibition. On what basis do they dictate to a nation of free individuals what their market should look like?

Are “we” the government? Is anything you force upon us merely voluntary on our part? If that’s the case, aboriginal children must have sent themselves to residential schools. Japanese must have imprisoned themselves in concentration camps.

After all, “they” were the government.

Is Canada a church, Justin? Are you its pope?

What do you mean by organized crime in the cannabis trade?

How do you define the term?

When Ben Mulroney asked about dispensaries and decriminalization, why didn’t you give a straight answer? Why didn’t Mulroney press for one?

Does cannabis always negatively impact young people’s brain? Even when it cures them of seizures?

What studies do you read? Do you read at all? Or do you just take vacations and selfies? Are you a prime minister or a celebrity?

Cannabis doesn’t negatively impact young people’s brain like alcohol does. In fact, no matter what age you are, enough alcohol will kill you.

So where’s the overregulation of alcohol? Why let provinces decide? Why not follow Ontario’s example and put government and corporate-cartel retailers in charge of the market, including the craft market?

Why not delegate all power to Ottawa? Why not put Parliament in charge of all goods and services? It seems to be working out well for Venezuela. (That’s sarcasm Mr. Trudeau)

If you want to make it harder for kids to get their hands on drugs, then get them out of the government schools where they’re most vulnerable.

Kids in Canada are suffering from a tragedy of the commons.

When kids are pooled together into schools that run on a Soviet-economic model, peer-groups end up regulating individual behaviour and bureaucratic teachers enforce centrally planned norms and curriculums.

It’s little wonder a minority of teenagers turn to drugs and alcohol. It’s an escape from the educational prison that demands conformity and rewards indoctrination.

“Public education” is the most destructive idea human beings have had since central banking and taxation.

It conditions children for an adult life dependent on parental figures. Only now, instead Mom and Dad, or God, or some other role model, people look to the state for guidance.

And so, the masses accept your squeaky-clean image despite all style and no substance.

Despite the blood on your hands. People still going to prison for pot, lives are still being destroyed by the drug war.

Are you nothing more than a corporate swindler?

  • bob

    Good one..But a waste of the last 40 years the government has insidiously inserted itself into all facets of our life with stupid regulations …laws and more and more involvement in our daily life..all negative to the functioning of a FREE society..
    public schools being a prime example of their gross mismanagement..

    you are wasting your time trying to educate these people ..they simply do not care …

    Put your energy into starting over again..the only real solution…and help take BC on its own path…

    if you do not live in BC we may make an exception for seem to be relatively intelligent…


  • Sam Vekemans

    Please consider supporting a Royal Commission on Cannabis.


    “Prohibition is a failure of good governance.” ~Senate Report 2002

    “Prohibition creates corruption at all levels of government.” ~UN Report 1993

    An inquiry into the cannabis industry: medical, social & industrial applications.

    The current cannabis strategy in Canada is rife with misappropriation of funds, corruption, crime and political favouritism. As the country spirals towards impending Cannabis Legalization – this has never been more evident than right now. We need your help to convince the government that this must change. The decades long drug war in Canada is a failed social policy that has cost endless billions. The Senate Report of 2002 identified over $3 billion per year in taxpayer dollars wasted and concluded the Repeal of Prohibition is the only solution.


    Petition to the House of Commons in Parliament assembled


    1. The Liberal Government has committed to cannabis legalization for all purposes in 2017, and has specifically referenced:

    • the LeDain Commission of 1979,

    • the Senate Report of 2002,

    • the Liberal Party Resolution #117 of 2012,

    • the Draft Policy White Paper tabled in Ottawa January, 2013 by the Young Liberals of BC; and

    • various international UN treaties, and has notified the UN – April 19, 2016;

    2. Cannabis prohibition has been found to be a violation of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms; and

    3. Whereas the government has failed to suspend arrests and prosecutions in the interim.

    We, the undersigned, Citizens or residents of Canada call upon the Government of Canada to establish an independent, fully-empowered Royal Commission into the health, social and economic costs associated with the legalization of Cannabis use including costs associated with prohibition, discrimination, organized crime, political favouritism and corruption.