Osoyoos Banned All Government Retail Cannabis

In an epic and righteous move, Osoyoos has BANNED ALL GOVERNMENT RETAIL CANNABIS IN FAVOR OF PRIVATE RETAIL STORES! That’s right! To support small businesses, giving them a fighting chance, Osoyoos will not allow the sale of LP bud in provincial stores.

Mayor Sue McKortoff, the City Council and the South Okanagan Chamber Of Commerce are all in agreement that this is the best option for the people.

When interviewed by Global News, mayor McKortoff said, “We’re hoping that will help a small business put forward a good case to open up a store”.

The federal Government has signed a deal with BC, agreeing to accept 25% of the tax revenue, leaving the rest to the province. But, small municipalities are completely aware that they may wait years to see those tax benefits, if they ever receive any at all.

With the municipal powers and jurisdiction outlined in the ‘Community Charter’, Osoyoos is well within its right to ban Provincial stores.

For the City of Osoyoos, this decision will allow them to not only support the small businesses, craft farmers and trimmers, it will help recover all cannabis related costs from policing to setting up regulations. The work done and sales made will be enriching local lives.

Thanks to this bold move, the cannabis community of Osoyoos can thrive.

2015-2018 Council Members